Custom training solutions for all things Drupal

Courses Offered

Courses we offer include:

  • PHP Training with Focus on Drupal
  • Developer Training (Drush, Migrate API, Entity API, module development)
  • Site Building (Drupal configuration management, module selection)
  • Design and Theming (General theming, advanced theming, SASS, Compass and Grunt)
  • Content Authoring (Translation, taxonomy, best-practices)
  • Infrastructure Configuration
  • Workflow (Managing releases, staging content, code reviews)
Courses Offered
Advanced Training

Advanced Training

Training sessions range from half-day to multi-day sessions and can be customized to cover a range of topics. We do recommend a certain order to the training sessions to ensure a comprehensive baseline of knowledge before covering more advanced topics.

These training sessions are best suited for groups with a fixed timeframe for learning a particular topic in a controlled environment.


The mentoring program allows a person or small group to with alongside one of our senior Drupal experts over an extended period of time. Similar to how a tradesmen works with an apprentice the mentor will help guide the mentee on a given Drupal project from their employer or work on an internal project at Coldfront Labs.

This is best suited for those looking to improve their skills in a broad sense on a wide variety of topics. The mentoring typically spans at least a month with 2 or 3 days per week of face time with the mentor. But this can be extended or shortened as necessary.


Want to Migrate to Drupal 8?

Let us be the experts.

Migrating to Drupal 8 can be a daunting task. With our expertise, it doesn't have to be! Coldfront Labs Inc. has migrated many sites in the past, let us add yours to the list. Drupal 8 provides configuration management, a better authoring experience, multi-lingual capabilities and many built in API's which improve upon Drupal 7.

We provide the following services with all Drupal migrations.

  • Site or application analysis to determine to develop a Drupal 8 migration road map.
  • Guaranteed full migration of all content, images, and ported modules.
  • We provide full migration of Drupal 7 themes to Drupal 8.

Our Consulting Services

Professional Drupal analysis and design.

  • Application Architecture
  • Site Building
  • Module Development
  • Design and Themeing
  • Migration
  • Performance and Scalability
  • Security and Site Hardening

Infrastructure Automation for Web Applications

Reliably deploying your application requires a predictable and reproducible infrastructure. We can help you setup and use Puppet to manage your infrastructure to support your developers system administrators alike.

  • Use Puppet alongside Vagrant to manage development environments which mirror your production environments
  • Maintain your Continuous Integration systems for effective testing
  • Control and enforce your production configuration settings

We can guide you to an effective dev/ops strategy that ensures you never hear “it works on my computer” ever again.

Support Services

Reliable help and expert advice.

We provide all the tools you need to maintain your Drupal ecosystem. Manage releases, deploy updates and track changes with your site using our industry leading Dropfort™ application. Store your code and track using your own instance of GitLab™.

Reference your own auto-generated API documentation using the Dropfort™ API Site generator. All this comes with access to our Drupal experts to help your team quickly solve problems quickly and build reliable solutions.

support services