Our Story

We build web applications using the Drupal open source content management framework. Alongside our Drupal developers, we have experts covering the entire scope of creating web applications from deployment, performance tuning and content creation.

Our Technologies of Choice

OpenSource is at the heart of our business. We contribute to several projects which in turn allows us to build exceptional applications.

  • Drupal
  • Apache Solr
  • jQuery/jQuery Mobile
  • Node.js
  • Linux
  • MySQL/MariaDB
  • PHP


We strongly believe that communication is of utmost importance when creating a solution that works for you. Our staff is bilingual and we’re constantly building and improving the tools we use to communicate with each other and our clients.

We Love What We Do

Coldfront itself came from a group of friends spending time writing code and contributing it back to the OpenSource community. We write code in our spare time and we’re lucky enough to do it as our day job as well.


Since we contribute back to OpenSource projects, we know our code is going to be scrutinized by a large group of developers and organizations. We’ve been bred to write quality code which is well documented and works as desired. We take the time to do it right the first time.

Our History

Based in Ottawa, Coldfront Labs Inc. is a privately held corporation. We founded the company back in 2007 as a partnership between alumni from the University of Ottawa’s Computer Science Student Association. For two years we developed custom desktop and web applications for businesses in the Ottawa region. We moved exclusively to doing web applications with Drupal in 2009. As of 2011, Coldfront Labs became Coldfront Labs Inc. and we’ve continued to build Drupal applications for higher education, government, enterprise, as well as small to medium-sized businesses in various sectors from coast to coast in North America.

Our Staff

  • Fran├žois Xavier Lemieux
    Senior Developer ClassicCut

    I am a passionate, creative and versatile software developer with a background in computer science. I believe quality and harmony are achieved through good communication and by leveraging the right tools for each job. An open mind and a focus on creative problem solving allow me to develop solutions that are functional, innovative and trustworthy.

  • David Pascoe-Deslauriers
    CTO/Co-Founder spotzero

    I have experience working in almost all roles of IT, as software developer, system analyst, up to director. I bring my passion for open source and background in Computer Science to my role as Chief Technical Officer of Coldfront Labs Inc.

    I’m also the maintainer of the WSData and Adaptive Image Styles modules on Drupal.org.

  • Mathew Winstone
    CEO/Co-Founder minorOffense

    I’ve been working with Drupal since 2005. I co-founded Coldfront Labs back in 2007 and became CEO when we incorporated in early 2011. I have a great interest in responsive web development and bringing powerful applications to the browser using HTML5 and Drupal. I maintain/co-maintain several modules on Drupal.org revolving around responsive design including FlexSlider, Responsive Tables and jQuery Mobile.

  • Salman Jaffery
    Senior Developer sjpeters79

    I have worked in information technology for over seven years in both private and public sector. I’ve gained a host of experience with various technologies and methodologies. I believe that communication and professionalism go hand in hand and are keys to success no matter where you are.

  • Luc Morin
    Senior Developer MorinLuc0

    I have been working in IT since graduating with a computer science degree in 2011. I am always thinking about what is the best solution to a problem. I enjoy learning new technologies and figuring out innovative solutions to problems.

    I have been working in Drupal since 2012 and learned thru trial and error over the years. I have contributed patches over the years and have been active in the issue queue.

  • Wendy Warren
    Front-End Developer wwarren

    A recent addition to the team at Coldfront Labs Inc, I am a designer and front end web developer specializing in building intuitive, user-friendly, accessible web applications using the latest web standards. I am passionate about my field and make it a priority to continually expand my knowledge, keeping up to date in an ever growing industry.

    Involved within the Ottawa web community, I am the Youth Lead for Girls Learning Code in Ottawa. I am thrilled to play a part in exposing the wonderful world of technology to youth and witness them grow into the technologists of tomorrow.

  • Danielle Lyrette
    Administrative Coordinator & Communications daniellelyrette

    A recent addition to Coldfront Labs, I’m excited to bring my expertise in communication, education, and marketing to the team.

    With fifteen years of experience in content authoring, seven years of teaching high-school English, and five years of marketing/brand management, I am a proficient communicator, an assiduous organizer, and a creative-spirit at heart. I excel at breaking down communication barriers between fields, predominantly between our hyper-technical developers and the client.