Vancouver Public Library migration from Drupal 7 to Drupal 9

Migration of a D7 site to D9 with improvements to web accessibility, search and other UX/UI

Monitor, tablet and mobile device of vpl website


The Vancouver Public Library (VPL) is seeking to migrate their existing Drupal 7 website to Drupal 9 while also ensuring its stability, improved search and upgrades to their existing workflows to keep content current and relevant. 


We re-built their main menu navigation to be fully accessible and facilitated their improvements to their custom theming throughout the site.

We updated and facilitated inclusion of their custom modules that handled imports from bibliocommons. This included incorporation of their incoming syndicate images from bibliocommons to build their carousel book cover blocks.

Using Layout builder, UI patterns and paragraphs we were able to preserve and retain all of their blocks, page layouts and prior field collections. With better templating configurations they will further be able to control their page layouts and new entity creations.

We were able to migrate their images, blocks, content including 1000's of guides and links with migration scripts. We also assisted with cleaning up their text content such as updating links, field types.

We configured apache solr search indexing to improve their search capabilities. We also created an alert page system to be able to provide their visitors with location specific and site wide updates and reporting


Vancouver Public Library successfully launched their new D9 site in June 2023. We condensed and simplified many workflow processes with groups and workflow transitions. They are better positioned to add more features on their own in the future. We have properly set them up with Drupal 10 migrations down the road.