What's Cooking at Coldfront Labs?

On a wet and rainy day like today, there is nothing more satiating than a warm meal and good company. That’s why we’re so excited about what we’ve been cooking up with the Ottawa Public Library over the last few months.

Ottawa Public Library a la carte logo

With the help of Coldfront Labs, the Ottawa Public Library (OPL) has launched an innovative and stylish digital storytelling web app that brings together library resources, programs, and community stories linked to food and nutrition. The app is found on OPL’s à la carte webpage, which connects visitors to OPL collections and to food literacy programs and events hosted by the Ottawa Public Library.

Each month, the app showcases a story about food culture in Ottawa. Built with Drupal 7 using panels and custom layouts, the stories and ideas are shared through articles, podcasts, photos, and videos. The content is created and curated by library employees and members of the Ottawa food community. January highlighted “Comfort Food”, immersing us in a cozy world of home-cooked meals from all over the world. February features “Food that Works”, exhibiting how food plays a role in social enterprise.

We’ve built the application to support an unlimited number of stories per book so that it can accommodate various use cases for storytelling at the Ottawa Public Library. We’re eager to see what OPL staff and members of the Ottawa food community will continue to showcase in this dynamic digital space over the coming year.

We love being a part of projects that bring Ottawa closer together. OPL’s Food Literacy initiative shows us how to not only nourish our bodies but also our community and we’re proud to have been a part of making it happen.