Shiny and New!

Coldfront Labs is proud to call Ottawa home. This city has so much to offer–beautiful landscapes amongst bustling city life, innovative businesses, and ample amounts of fun festivals to attend all year round.

Screen capture of main page

And as of January 2017, we’re excited to have had a hand in showcasing just how great Ottawa is! Coldfront Labs recently finished rebuilding and redesigning the City of Ottawa’s website, The new website has a fresh-look, significantly improved performance, and is completely accessible. Now, residents, visitors, and local businesses are able to quickly access the information they need to keep Ottawa great.

This rebuild and redesign was a behemoth. Since showcases content from all of the city’s departments, we had to consider how we could showcase varied content while still ensuring the website remains cohesive and streamlined for everyday users. Working with the city’s developers, we prioritized showing the most frequently accessed pages and important status alerts on the main landing page. That way, no one has to go digging for the information they’re most likely looking for.

And even once users start rooting around, all of Ottawa’s offerings are easy to find. Each sub-page has a highly-visual user-interface, organizing each user page with easy to follow graphics.

Screen capture of Residents Page

We love our city and have enjoyed helping it put its best foot forward for everyone to see!

Look forward to part 2 of this series where we’ll cover some of the Drupal technology behind making this happen.