Drupal North Recap - Brrrr! It's Cold in Here!

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Last weekend, we attended the Drupal North Regional Summit right here in Ottawa. It was a great event with the only complaint being an over-zealous air-conditioning system. Little did everyone know that the chill in the air was actually just our Coldfront team moving in. :)

Drupal events, such as Camps, Cons, and Summits, are important to us because we strongly believe in fostering the Drupal community. We’re passionate about Drupal and love to show others its amazing potential. This is why we sponsored the event at the Platinum-level and why two-thirds of our team made presentations. Here’s what we shared with our fellow Drupalists:

Drupal 8 Migrations Overview by Salman Jaffery, Senior Developer

The new migrate module within Drupal 8 core has changed significantly since Drupal 7. It’s now more powerful and easier to write. It also can be used to do a lot more than before. However, with all these new enhancements, it means learning to do migrations all over again. For anyone thinking of migrating or upgrading to Drupal 8 and need to get started, this session is for you.

Porting the WSData module to Drupal 8 by David Pascoe-Deslauriers, CTO

WSData is a fairly complex module that lets site builders manage web service endpoint as content/configuration in Drupal and then call those web services in various ways.

The new Drupal 8 version touches all of Drupal 8’s big new features: plugins, services, configuration entities, etc.

This presentation is a case study of the analysis, architecture, and implementation that was done to port this module to Drupal 8.

Choose Your Logo Wisely by Melissa Roy, Web Designer

The session is about how choosing colours for your logo is important as well as getting it ready for print and web. We will expand our discussion to colour accessibility and knowing what kind of design elements you like for your own website.

How to Bake a Cake: Talking to Developers & Scoping Your Drupal Project by Danielle Lyrette, Communication Coordinator

Even the most well-executed Drupal projects are rife with tension between developers and the client. Communication breaks down because each party is essentially speaking a different language.

In this talk, we look at how and why communication breaks down during projects and how to avoid it. We’ll also cover how to effectively scope the work you need from the development team and what questions you should be asking.

Google Home automation and Drupal by Mathew Winstone, CEO

Home automation and the “internet of things” is one of the biggest new technologies in recent years. However, most of the new tools and integrations require the use of third party services. This session will cover how to use Drupal to power some of your own custom home automation actions. Using API.ai with web hooks, we can setup Drupal to process actions for your Google assistant. The session is mostly for hobbyist and those who are interested in tinkering with Google Home and home automation. Experience with PHP and Drupal is required.

In fact, our CEO had so much fun tinkering with the Google Home as he prepared his presentation, we decided to give one away! Click here to see who our lucky winner was!

A special thanks to the Drupal North Board for organizing the summit! See you next year!