Coldfront Labs Cleans the Capital

Coldfront Labs recently participated in the development of the GLAD Cleaning the Capital website and form. Cleaning the Capital is a City of Ottawa run bi-annual campaign where residents can register to clean up public locations. The City provides cleaning materials for registered cleanups.

We created the registration form, reporting tools, and public cleanup information maps. We ensured the registration form is AODA compliant and allows the city to collect registrant information. The form takes the geo-location information and calculates ward data and latitude/longitude values from the provided address location text. This information is then shared with city council members and city staff through internal reporting within the website and by automatically sending data to their internal reporting tool, making it easy for everyone to get a clear picture of how the project is going.

Additionally, all valid cleanup locations are displayed on an interactive map on the city’s website so residents can see all the locations being cleaned.

Screenshot of map with many geo-location tags

Not only did we develop the website and form, but we took part in the event! The Coldfront Labs team spent a sunny Friday cleaning Irwin Gate Park, here in Kanata. Picture of Coldfront Labs Staff

It was a great team-building experience. We are happy to contribute back to the city we call home.